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‘Education is a self-organising system’ (Sugata Mitra)

I’ve been writing an article on the usefulness (or otherwise) of Rancière’s critique of ‘progressive’ pedagogy and the rhetoric of ‘stupidity’ in cultural theory – and keep coming back to Sugata Mitra’s deceptively simple yet quietly revolutionary ‘Hole-in-the-Wall’ experiments. (It received a lot of publicity in the wake of Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle’s 2009 film adaptation of Vikas Swarup’s novel, Q & A (2005), which was partly inspired by Mitra’s experiments. I have problems with both book and film, but that’s because Mitra was right to say it should have been called ‘Slumdog Physicist’ – or something…!)

This video is one of his most recent talks (courtesy of TED, of course), which focuses on a co-authored research paper, ‘Limits to self-organising systems of learning’, published last year in British Journal of Educational Technology. The parallels between Mitra’s IT-based experiments in ‘self-organised learning environments’ and Rancière’s re-writing of Joseph Jacotot’s ‘universal teaching’ are striking – which means they threaten to lead my short, focused article a little astray! (Must stop reading now…)


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TPM | Ideas of the century: The equality of intelligence (37/50)

A characteristically succinct and precise argument from Nina Power: why equality is something to be presupposed…

TPM: The Philosophers’ Magazine | Ideas of the century: The equality of intelligence (37/50)

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